State of A.I and Machine Learning 2019

In January a carpenter friend of mine asked me (as a technical digital career person) how long I expect to have a job, because machines are taking over. 😳 I didn't have a response at the time, except to say that any job with intense repetitive number crunching would be first phase. Now I have more insight...

(Note: This article is a follow-up from an article is wrote in April 2018 under Zoom newsletter publishing (a start-up I tested last year). The article combined analysis from McKinsey & Co. and Accenture, management consulting firms. Check that out.)

Figure Eight prepared this insightful report - 300 people across a variety of industries and company sizes contributed to this data quick summary:.

  1. Today, more than one-third of organizations use AI.
  2. Deployments grown by 270% in four years.
  3. More companies are focused on incorporating AI into their daily business processes.
  4. Companies already adopted AI report they have edged ahead of competitors.

Two participant groups in this survey comprised as follows:

  1. Technical people: 80% data scientists, 20% data engineers/machine learning engineers/software application developers.
  2. Line-of-business: 50% of product managers/directors/business analyst, vice-president and C-level executives.

TL : DR - In essence the use of A.I is still the same as 2018, cleaning big sets of data, automating repetitive tasks Β - it's not yet dystopian science fiction stuff as seen in movies. Here's some graphs, but please download the report to be deeply informed.

🧠 To learn how you can advance your AI and machine learning initiatives, visit the report makers at, they seem really cool and this is a helpful report.

I hope this report illuminates a path forward for you and your organization. Thank you for taking the time to fully consider what it means to develop AI for the real world. ☺️

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

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