About Kingi

Kia ora. I was raised in New Zealand, lived in Europe (Spain & UK) and now reside in Auckland Maui (Hawaii) with my family.

I've been involved media and tech development since 1997 when I started working at Saatchi & Saatchi and then making console video games in Cambridge (U.K) from 2000 onward with Microsoft & then later on Sony PlayStation. I also studied Entrepreneurship Acceleration at Wharton Online (business school of University of Pennsylvania).

He Māori ahau. Nō Te Arawa, Tainui, Tokomaru waka. Our ohana/whānau/family is Māori-Hawaiian. Ko Hina Kneubuhl tōku hoa rangatira, nō te moutere o Mauī ia. Ko Native Zone tāku ipurangi Māori, ka whakaputa ahau ētahi whakaaro, ētahi pūrakau, a, ērā mea mōmō ki tērā.

I created this blog as a place to share projects and thinking that I found interesting, for work queries please check out my:

My ventures | Consult with me via Ignite Studios

I also built a free to use Māori moon phase app 'Mārama' which you can check out. The app takes the moon phase data, illumination data, NASA images and recorded traditional moon names from Te Taura Whiri collection.

I develop using open source technologies. I maintain a minimum social media presence, e-mail is the most reliable way to get in touch.