First Look: Low Light Performance Fuji Film X-T30

So stoked with the low light performance of my new Fuji Film X-T30. Check out the photos I captured in very low light on variety of ISO. Exploring dynamic range on exposure, highlights and shadows in Lightroom. Really amazed at the detail that can be pulled out. Classic Chrome and Eterna look mean.

After a lot of research I decided on the Fujifilm X-T30 instead of the Fujifilm X-T3, Canon EOS-R and Sony A7III. Sony still seems blue/green and it needs tweaking. EOS-R I never tried. X-T30 has almost all the same features as X-T3.

Ultimately, the X-T3 has very high-end features that I would need high end post-processing equipment (and studio) to notice any difference - I just can't afford it.

What is the same:

  1. The lens X-mount is the same
  2. X-T30 is smaller and therefore more portable
  3. The base ISO is the same 160
  4. The sensor is the same
  5. The image processing is the same
  6. The Fuji film settings are the same
  7. The shutter speed adjustment is the same
  8. Still has 120fps 1080!  
  9. Still has 4K!
  10. Still has HDMI out if needed at ProRes 4:2:0
  11. 4K video output is reduced from 400MB's to 200MB's and my machine can't handle/edit 400MB's without chugging to a standstill
  12. It has one SD-card slots and not two.
  13. It has a 2.5mm microphone jack instead of a 3,5mm jack
  14. Headphone output is but USB-C and not headphone jack. Doesnt matter for me because I use either Zoom H2n or Saramonic Mixer to mix before sound hits the card.
  15. It has a flash!

I've been using a Canon 5D MkII for years which I still love, but I am seriously impressed with the mirrorless screen on the back, you can actually see live adjustments in shutter speed, ISO, apeture, exposure and therefore maximise the dynamic range in shots.  Hell yeah!  Way faster to get the look you want AND ensure you have enough range to play around with in post.

The black and white modes look sick too.

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

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