I like supporting indie hackers. Here's a couple of awesome projects that independent coders/designers are making. If you like them, show your support by sharing on your social media, subscribing to the author and trying out their free plans.

Fluut by QuantumApp

I discovered this using a new service ketchup.today.  It originally comes via Reddit. The Fluut app looks super cool. Quite a lot of work to get it to this state, here's how he built it,

"I'm using a custom back end built with Python's Flask but that's it".  

Yes it is only a promo, but hey looks pretty awesome.  Look at those emoji options - must have quite a bit of logic going on behind-the-scenes. Mean.

⭐️ Subscribe to the Fluut beta here.

Ketchup.today by Charles

This tool is really awesome and massive time saver. Basically ketchup.today sends me a weekly round-up of my favourite Reddit threads, saving me crap loads of time. The landing page is super cool, I like the design. Charles is doing a great job of bringing this project to life by interacting directly with early customers. He is asking great questions about usability - try it out and help out an indie hacker.