Te Pūtahi: Intersection of Western Science & Indigenous Science

Te Pūtahi is a 12 episode series that interviews' scientists and experts to discuss Māori dimensions in research. Te Pūtahi asks how the research can be useful for Māori communities - haukāinga. The program is a collaboration between the Science Media Center, Te Hiku Media and Ignite Studios. Watch below or preview all episodes here.

Featured Episode: Food Sovereignty

Te Kaupapa o Te Pūtahi

We created Te Pūtahi to give a Māori perspective to scientific research and make it useful/accessible for our haukāinga. To assist our communities to survive, revive and thrive.

  • Survive: We look at the data and historical background of haukāinga well-being and Government response in relation to treaty obligations.
  • Revive: We seek to understand how current scientific research may align with haukāinga practices, for example, does the science align with local haukāinga knowledge as kaitiaki of the whēnua, awa and moana?
  • Thrive: We explore ways to enhance resilience within our whānau, hapu and iwi and unlock new potential according to haukāinga priorities.

“Ka ora pea i a koe, ka ora koe i au.”

Perhaps I survive because of you and you survive because of me.*

Te Pūtahi aims to:

  1. Make scientific research useful to haukāinga.
  2. Support haukāinga in articulating concerns, particularly in the way scientific research and/or data informs (or does not inform) institutional mechanisms.
  3. Discuss responses for haukāinga in the present and in the future.
  4. To uphold the mana of our traditional knowledge, the mana of our tūpuna and place it thoughtfully in today’s world.
Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

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