Water Crisis & Water Tanks

As part of our shift to avert the Auckland water crisis, have taken two affirmative steps. 1. Installed water tanks. 2. Purchased the domain watercrisis.nz and started ideation on connection points/planning document.

Water Tanks

The aim is to minimise demand on the Watercare network by being more efficient with the available resources around our home. We hope that Watercare and Auckland Council can sort out the supply side.

Here's some picture of our installed tanks and a bonus photo of very first unicorn face masks in pyjamas 🦄 🌈.

We did the installation the lunar night of 'Huna' (almost full-moon) 🌔.

In the Māori calendar we are moving into the months of spring 'Kōanga' when plants need to be seeded and grown. 🌱

Mahi hard. Notemea, ka tipu ngā kākano i tenei marama. Need to grow plants and need wai (Water), can't wait for city bureaucrats, need to be resilient. Tino rangatiratanga 💪.


Have purchased the domain watercrisis.nz and undertaking research about community perspectives on water. The aim is to develop connections between those with a desire to avert a water crisis. I looked at some detail at other crisis management sites and applied a framework to thinking. A screenshot of the starting pages of the document is below for those interested in checking it out:

Please email me [email protected] if you have any input 😀.

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

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