Zoom's Next Direction

It started with this angry Facebook post lamenting the horror and pathetic-ness of the major US news outlets coverage.  What is the value of international politics news to a husband of working wife, father of two young girls in school, self-employed in digital marketing/production?  Sweet phat zero.

How are Trumps' adventures in Korea or his attorney's spill-the-gut's confession going to improve my life and my children's life? Why will following this drama add value to me?  Why should I bother spending my valuable time reading a chapter into someone else's life?

Gawd. News should be about something better. So I wanted to ask you for your opinion.

Q. What does news politics provide for you?

Right now what I thinking I really need to know from the news is the following:

  1. If I am going to die or be hurt very soon by some extemporaneous threat
  2. If anyone I know is going to die or be hurt
  3. If a lot of people died or hurt so I won't visit there
  4. If someone or something will drastically and immediately change my way of life

That's about it.  The rest is irrelevant.   'Zoom' is about helping one to zoom into the relevant news in a persons life. How could this service be delivered online?  Would anyone use it?  Or do they have an appetite for and prefer to feed on the politics news cycle?

These questions may form the basis of a new hypothesis for a pivot on Zoom.

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

Producer. Ex-Saatchi & Saatchi, ex-Video Game Producer. Director Ignite Studios. Studied Entrepreneurship Acceleration @ Wharton, and Advertising & Marketing @ A.U.T.
New Zealand & Hawaii