The problem with oil

Everyday we fill-up that gasoline tank, we support the oppression of financial freedom, we support the oppression of the middle-east, the degradation of the environment and worse, we keep in place a political regime (across OECD nations) that is based on financial outcomes rather than healthy well-being of it's own people.

The military spend is high because it is needed as a suppression force to stop small communities in far flung countries from protecting their natural resources. The result of this oppression has bred this insane new level of avenger, someone who has lost their families, lost their land and will stop at nothing to extract revenge. There's no shortage of veterans denouncing their missions. There's no shortage of soldiers with tragic stories of the communities they oppressed. There's no shortage of suicides 22 every day from service.

The mainstream media is a propoganda machine and not the goodwill community news source we would conveniently like it to be. Terorrist my ass, our governments, bankers and oil/mineral companies are the terrorists.

We'll never be rid of oil, but maybe we can start small. Don't buy a gasoline car, buy an Electric car. Maybe Go solar, buy a battery and live off your own energy. Maybe use a Federal Credit Union instead of the big bank. Maybe save some money instead of investing in oil/exploration companies on the stock exchange.

I'm not saying denounce the whole world, just be more picky.

People in wealthy countries (almost all my friends on Facebook, some with two cars, 2.5 kids, surfing/paddling trips, access to 100 channels of movies, UFC pay per view, fancy restaurants, Amazon, travel and the latest fashion) have an opportunity to live in an age of information enlightenment and wealth, yet have been led by mainstream media to turn a blind eye to the hardcore questions staring us in the face:

  • How come the Saudi Arabians fund Hilary Clinton?
  • Why are there more and more homeless?
  • Home come African-Americans, indigenous, minorities get a raw deal?
  • How come companies employ so many illegal immigrants?

Most of us in the OECD countries live in better conditions than the average person in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China but it is a huge leap to own jets, banks, trains, newspapers, TV stations, masses of stocks, shareholdings in fortune 500 or hotel chains.

If we want a way to stop the hatred, the terrorism, the suppression, the oppression, the greed, we need to reduce the demand for oil and all transactions that relate to the powerful network of companies that control the distribution and sale of oil. In doing so we will degrade the need for the military complex and hopefully channel more money into new energy inventions that are connected with the planet and the forces of nature which are so abundant.

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

Producer. Ex-Saatchi & Saatchi, ex-Video Game Producer. Director Ignite Studios. Studied Entrepreneurship Acceleration @ Wharton, and Advertising & Marketing @ A.U.T.
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