A New Era of Content Management

Started researching the new generation of content management systems (CMS), Airtable, Scrivito, Contentful, Netlify and other headless CMS such as Ghost, Jekyll Admin. So many choices.  

I'm really not sure which direction to go.

  1. So far I love Ghost on my own blog, I have been grandfathered into the 1st ever plan which makes this hard to beat.
  2. Netlify is just a super smooth scripting package and I like the simplicity of their interface.
  3. Contentful is wonderful, expandable and I love the way they have set apart the content model from the content/media. Looks powerful for the future. (They said not so good for video content).
  4. Scrivito looks ideal for landing pages and virtually no forms (anywhere), after the cheap tier, the price is up there.
  5. Jekyll Admin, I am a fan because I started learning static website generation through the Jekyll blog.

I guess I should make a decision on long-term ease of use of the CRM. Hands down Ghost has allowed me to be most productive as a small business owner/micro-blogger. Contentful would probably be better for a mid to large size organisation. Scrivito for a sales and lead generation focussed company. Netlify, I love because it is just so easy to hit the 'Deploy to Netlify' button and bada-bing, you're off.

Kingi Gilbert

Kingi Gilbert

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