Started researching Amazon Web Services Amplify, I got the feeling Google Firebase was reaching its limits.  I have been using Firebase in demo applications for about 3 months. I have had great success producing prototypes. However I had not yet taken anything from a prototype into a production build and when I looked at extending some features, it got tricky.

Found this great article from the development community:

It may be that Firebase solves these issues over time but the  combination of deployment failures, slow function execution and major parts still in beta means it not a viable option for me. Ultimately in this case I found I could use a single real-time DB in Firebase and run  everything else from AWS — remarkably this worked just fine.

Hoping to be impressed by AWS Evangelists, I didn't find much hope there either, scroll to 20minutes they start talking shop and then she gets a react-native bug that takes about 1 hour to resolve:

So I am not sure what to do. Plug away with Firebase or pick up AWS Amplify?  AWS Amplify is meant to help frontend developers, I'll try this tutorial: