AI Tests: Analyzing Carbohydrate and Protein Intake

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In this video, I conduct AI tests to analyze my carbohydrate and protein intake. I ask five popular AI tools - Claude, Meta AI, Perplexity, and to calculate and present the nutritional values of the foods I ate.

They all perform well and provide results. However, the main difference lies in the source of their nutrition values.


0:00 Kia ora some more AI tests. I'm gonna produce a few of these because it's AI is very popular right now So I'm now I'm gonna ask Claude to Total up my carbohydrate and proteins and grams Please add up my carbs and protein and grams from the following foods So these are the foods I ate this morning.

0:25 I'm trying to be really healthy and then please present it in table format Okay, there we go So I will um, that's working away I'll go copy that That looks pretty good Okay let's go to, I've already done this before but I'm just going to show you We're going to do it now with Meta AI We'll get that running

0:51 And then I'll do it with perplexity We'll get that running So while I'm getting these running, what I really want to figure out is How close are these calculations to each other And this is the new chat GPT And if they present it in table format So there's a couple of things going on here So let's go

1:10 back to Claude Here's a table of the carbs Oh great, and it's broken it down into a table And it's given a carb count and a protein count for each of them And so 147.2 carbs and 26 grams of protein according to Claude has put it in a table format as well So they've got carbs 135.5 and 23.3 I

1:38 guess it depends So yeah, Meta's telling me I'm having a little less grams worth Perplexity also produced a table and 127.4 and 25.5 Yeah, so they're all doing a pretty good job of it so far and It's broken it down into a table here and they've got the highest values at the moment, so Yeah, I

2:09 guess the nutritional values where they get them from would matter a lot and then Okay, so it's chat GPT, so they're all doing very very well on this test They've all put it into a table.

2:24 I guess the main difference is is that these values change quite a bit So there you go AI is performing well on these kind of things this would take me a lot of time to to do by myself to research up, so Meta says these nutrition values are from the United States Department of Ag ooooh these ones Claude

2:51 doesn't give anything Perplexity doesn't provide a source either Pi doesn't provide does not provide a source and ChatGPT40 whatever it is doesn't provide a source but there you go more adventures in AI I'll keep you posted with more little videos ok aloha

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